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8 Week Mentorship Program

Saturdays 9AM Central Time

Starting April 20, 2024


The "Concept Art World Building Mentorship Program" is a dynamic and immersive 8-week journey designed to empower aspiring artists with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the captivating realm of environmental concept art. This program focuses on cultivating a deep understanding of world building principles and techniques to create visually stunning and immersive landscapes.

This is a limited seating mentorship. maximum 12 people.


Iteration and Exploration

We will explore one brief an idea throughout the 8 weeks and we will build the world around that idea. Sketching iterations and design to 3d blocking compositions for explorations of lighting and mood. 

Compsketches copy.jpg

3D Assets

We will build a tool kit or 3d kit that will help us conceptualize different parts of the world as well as defining key elements of the environment. 


Scene Building

Lastly, we will build scenes using our 3d kit to render out for final painting in photoshop showcasing our new built world. 



-Basic knowledge of Photoshop

-Basic Knowledge of Blender

- Basic Art Fundamentals



Week 1: Intro and sketching iteration 

Week 2: Concept Sprint

Week 3: Building Assets

Week 4: Building Assets

Week 5: Callouts

Week 6: Callouts

Week 7: Scene Building

Week 8: Final Paintings

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