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XP PEN Deco Fun S Tablet Review

Updated: Jul 8, 2021


Deco Fun S Pen Tablet Review

Hey everyone! I recently received the Deco Fun S tablet from XP Pen and I was a little skeptical at first but then I looked at some of the specs and this is what I found.

Easy to use

The tablet came in with the cable connection and surprisingly a lot of pen nibs. It was very easy to start using it. Plug in the computer, download the driver and it is ready to use within minutes. If you're using multiple monitors make sure you set it up to work only in the monitor you will be drawing or painting, especially if you are using the small version.

Levels of Pressure

Deco Fun supports 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity and a 60° tilt function which is great for us digital artists and matches the well known Wacom Intuos Pro. This was pretty surprising since most low/middle tier tablets only come with about 4k levels. 8k levels is definitely a treat and a great use for professional artists.


I personally like the design specially since it comes in different colors.

The tablet comes in 3 different sizes and what I like the most is that it comes in 4 different colors. I picked the Carmine Red and it looks pretty cool.


The tablet is pretty light so I wonder about the toughness of it but so far it has been able to work. These tablets, especially the small ones, are great for artists who are on the move constantly. Light and easy to carry around and use. So if you are an artist who is constantly working from place to place this might be a great affordable option.

I definitely recommend it specially for starting/intermediate artist I think it's a great, more affordable option.

Some of the cons that I experienced was that I got the smaller size (4.8 x 3) and to me it was too small. Maybe the bigger size (10 x 6.27) would have been better. Also I would have liked a bit heavier pen just so I could feel it more and the last thing would be that I had to put it on top of my playmat so it wouldn't slide as I was using it. However I think these things are not a big deal and they have a work around it.

You can check the products here:

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1 Comment

Tang Yan
Tang Yan
Jul 05, 2023

I have the XP-Pen Deco Fun S. My first tablet, used only for note-taking. Hardware feels good to me and seems sturdy. What I don’t like is software support.

XP-Pen's tablet are pretty solid. Definitely worth it compared to the overpriced products of some other companies.

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