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The Artwork that started and ignited my passion for ART

So, as a first blog post.... why not share something special and dear to me right?

This artwork you see here is literally the #artwork that I kept seeing over and over through the years and reminding me that I can... here is the story.

During my college years this artwork was displayed at the office of a# pastor that I knew for a very long time along with his family and was very good friends with their sons. I literally grew up with them. I was always amazed at this artwork.... the details, the message.... but I was not really interested in doing art back then. Fast forward a couple of years... I was coming out of a really dark stage in my life... I had nothing... I slept in my car, no money, no one to talk to (by my own choice) and at times.... suicidal. I moved back to the place I left when I was 17 and decided to start my life over again... with a backpack of clothes and the support of my family.

After a while I went back to visit this pastor and I saw the artwork again and it literally stroke me.... at the heart. Somehow, this told me I was gonna be ok and the admiration I felt for the craft behind this drawing was something I never felt before.

And it all started from there...

So let me tell you... YOU are gonna be ok. Be true to your #passion and #love and do not let anyone tell you being obsessed about something you love is a bad thing. #Follow it.... #Live it... #Love it.

Till the next.

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1 commentaire

The art is gorgeous the message is Beautiful. He takes care of us no matter what. God Bless!

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