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How much do you need?

For years, I have asked myself this question. Yeah, I know, its cliche... there is a difference between what you want and what you need.... but really... WHAT DO YOU REALLY NEED?

I remember my first purge, it was right after I got married. We were living in a wooden house in Puerto Rico and I had so many art books, figures and things that were just collecting dust. Buying art books made me feel that I was a better artist. I was so wrong...

But its so hard now days to not just buy things that we really don't need to maybe fill a void that could only be filled with something else we are ignoring. Everyone chooses how they want to live their life. That's the beauty of it, but to me, I have been trying to trim down more and more as years pass by. And that's not only in the material stuff but also everything else. I really really want to get to the point where I only have what I need because I believe that once I figure that out, once I know for sure the things that I really need and I have them present in my life, I can enjoy more the things that I want and when the time comes that I cant get the things that I want I will still be 100% happy.

So, my first purge was getting rid of all the books and figures a few years ago. Next was trimming down the clothes that I really need.

Now I am trying to push it even further.

Last weekend we went to a tiny house convention and I have been thinking about it for years now, but we have made a plan financially to reach that goal but dang I really enjoy the simple things in life. Its been taking me so long to practice but to me, it is the definition of real freedom.

so.... what do you need?

till the next...

oh.... also..... what sort of topics would you like to talk about?

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Wonderful topic!

I've been interested in doing the tiny house thing for years! To have all my special possessions, trimmed down, near by and surrounding me, is the stuff of dreams!

Simplifying our lives is something we all yearn to accomplish, but, it is really an ongoing process, I think. We evolve as we grow and gain knowledge. What one would need today, may not even be on the list in a year or two. I think, my personal opinion, is that what we want to accomplish, is in us already. We already know happiness and success, in different matters. We already know so much about ourselves, but, take it for granted, while searching for it. Recognizing our contentment within…

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