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Join my Affiliate Program and Earn Money While Promoting Your Art!

Why? Why do this?

Well, its pretty simple. I have 2 main reason why I want to explore this.


One more way for YOU to earn extra $$$

As an artist myself, I understand the struggles of our industry, especially during these challenging times. That's why I want to offer my help to fellow artists by providing an opportunity to earn some extra on the side. I've been fortunate enough to have supportive clients and connections, and I believe this could benefit someone else. There's no cost or risk involved. Your friend gets a discount, you get a commission and I reach one more person. Its a win-win-win situation.

To Reach more People

As much as I would like to help everyone, my reach is limited. However, through my free content on YouTube, mentorships, and tutorials, I aim to share my knowledge with as many people as possible. If any artists have benefited from my resources, recommending them to their friends would greatly help spread the word.

This is how you can be involved.


Affiliate Mentorship Program
$30 - $50 Commission

If you have taken my mentorship program or have benefited from any of my tutorials and you know someone who could do the same, this option could work for you. You will get a code specific for you that you can share around. Whoever uses it gets a discount and you get a commission. 


Artstation Affiliate
50% Commission

I have been doing product content on Artstation for years. It has been a great addition as an extra source of income consistently and now I can share these with you.


If you are interested, please fill this form and I will get in contact with you. Looking forward to work together.

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out over Discord.

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